As you explore the beautiful trails in your area, keep in mind these tips.

Trail Running Tips:

  1. On single track trails, use “popcorn feet” where you quickly moving your feet up and down and lifting just a little higher than when you are on the roads in order to avoid any roots, ruts, or rocks on the trail.
  2. When going uphill, drop chin slightly, drive elbows back, bring knees slightly inward when lifting up and drive slightly out when leg is going down. This allows you to use a stronger force somewhat like cyclist’ use.
  3. When going downhill, relax your upper body, and use the full range of your arms for balance and speed. You may look like you have wild arms, but as long as you are upright, that is all that matters.
  4. If you are planning on running a trail race, do some of your speed work on the trail. My favorite trail workout is to find a path with varied terrain and run for 10 minutes slowly. After you are warmed up, go 5 minutes fast followed by 5 minutes slow. Do this 3 times. This allows you to practice pushing yourself on all types of terrain.
  5. Be sure to invest in the proper trail gear: trail running shoes for traction, waterproof jacket, tech socks.

Enjoy the trails!

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