Runners/Walkers–Some of you have already decided to join us for our 2022 Reset Challenge! We are so excited to be supporting you. Collectively, we need to reinvent ourselves, don’t we? To figure out how to move about the world again!! What better way to do it than to join a group of dynamic, authentic fellow sojourners on an adventure?

If you are dabbling with the idea of jumping in to our 2022 Seize the Day Running Reset Adventure, but you aren’t SURE it’s your cup of tea/you’re ready for it/you have the fitness level to give it a try, join us FREE for our kick-off coaching call with Coach Carol Frazey to put your toe in the water. We are meeting at 5pm PACIFIC time tomorrow–Wednesday (Feb. 9)–on zoom.

What do you have to lose? Just jump on this link at the appointed time. We’ll answer all your questions.

C’mon! Let’s Seize the Day!!!

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