What is one thing different that you can do each day this week to feel better
physically or mentally?  What are some things that you know when you do them, you feel significantly better?  Here is a list to help you get thinking:

  • Eat an extra serving of vegetables
  • Walk for 15 minutes
  • Eat a serving of beans
  • Sit for 5 minutes in silence
  • Call a friend
  • Lift hand weights for 5 minutes
  • Eat a big, healthy, leafy greens salad
  • Skip
  • Kayak, rollerblade, swim, ride a horse, dance
  • Sit and read for 10 minutes
  • Eat a fruit
  • Walk or run with a person who inspires you
  • Do your art (woodworking, paint, garden, sculpt, sing, play an instrument, sew, create,…)

Just doing one of these things each day can shift your health, mood, and life.  Go do that one thing! You got this!

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