My main mission in life is to empower women through running.  That is why today I am making a declaration, and I want to encourage you to make your own declaration.

I declare…

  • To speak if I see or hear a woman being shamed, hurt, or ridiculed.
  • To not allow only women to take the meeting notes.  I will ask men to take the meeting notes.  I will encourage my brothers, sons, husband, and male friends to volunteer a turn at taking the notes in their meetings.
  • To practice amplification in meetings (Repeating an important point made by a woman in a meeting and then giving her direct credit.)
  • To name and point out shame triggers for myself and others (male and female).
  • To not use the words “bossy” or “bitch” when describing a woman.
  • To encourage myself and other women to use their voices even when it shakes, even if we cry, even if we feel extreme shame.

Get your PowerPose on!

Your voice, heart, and hands are needed in this world.  It is little things that make the biggest difference.

What do you declare?

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