Yay, fall is here! While it makes for some perfect-weather walks and runs, it also brings more rain and cold. Are you ready for it? 

Sometimes it is difficult to stay motivated with your exercise program during the fall and winter months. To help you stay enthusiastic about your training, write down some ideas to help keep that spark even when the sunlight starts to fade and the dark clouds move in. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • Make your walks and runs an adventure by finding new trails, parks, and streets to explore.  
  • Find a walking or running buddy. This is a great way to combine your social/exercise/therapy time into one session. Also, as the days get shorter, there is safety in running with others. 
  • Plan a late winter or early spring race, and make it a goal to stick to a training plan.  
  • Invest in a waterproof jacket, headlamp, reflective vest, and wicking shirts/tights. A few basics will make running in any weather enjoyable, safe, and comfortable.  

Now, go out and jump in some puddles!

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