As we spring ahead, let’s look to Spring Cleaning our health. What if we look at spring cleaning in a different way? Let’s ask the question, what can we eliminate?


What would you like to take out of your current exercise program? Are you spending too much time THINKING about exercising and not DOING the exercise? Or, are you spending a lot of time standing around talking during your workout time? Could you keep walking or moving and continue the conversation? Without adding any extra time, how can you use your 30-minutes or hour long workout time to get the most movement during that time period? 


What foods would you like to eliminate from your house? I am not asking
you to give up any food. I love food and eat most food. What I am asking is, what foods do you want to make inconvenient to eat? One client I had complained that she would do great all day, but at 7pm, she would head to the cookie drawer. Even if we have young kids, do we really need a cookie drawer? Maybe you do. The answer is up to you.


What people are you currently spending 5 hours per week with who you would be better to spend 5 minutes with? This question makes a lot of people feel very uncomfortable. Maybe there are people in your life who you only spend 5 minutes with per week, but you would love to spend 5 hours with. How can you spend more time with people who lift you up, make you feel charged up, support your dreams? Spend more time with them. We can’t change others. We can only change ourselves and what we choose to do with our time.

Good luck springing ahead this week toward more health, happiness, and fun! You’ve got this!

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