Are you one of the 45% of Americans making New Year’s Resolutions? Well, let’s make this year the one where you achieve what you set out to do. By becoming clear about your GPS (Goal, Plan, and Support), you can guarantee a year of success.

Set Your GPS

G – Goal – Set one goal and one goal only. What is the one small thing that you could change in your life that you know if you changed it, your life would be better? Do you want to lose 10 pounds, run a sub-4-hour marathon, get your GED, start a consistent exercise program, start
your own business?

P – Plan – Take at least 15 minutes and start to write out a plan to achieve this goal. What are some small steps that you can take each day that will gradually lead you to achieve your goal? For example, if you want to lose 10 pounds this year, what are some tiny things you can do each day to lose 0.03 pounds each day? If you wish to obtain your GED, what is the phone
number or email of the person you need to contact to take a class? 

Also, make a plan for your obstacles. We all fall off the horse. Have a plan of how to get back on. What do you need to have in place to help you on the path of success?

Take 15 minutes each week to celebrate your achievements, think about your obstacles, and plan for your next step. Find the smallest step that you can take.

S – Support – Who are the people in your life who want you to succeed? Be careful, a lot of our friends and family would like us to stay the way we are because it keeps them comfortable. Think about the positive people in your life. These people can be a store clerk, a fitness instructor, your doctor. Let them know your goal and your plan.

Having your GPS in place, you are ready for success. Let’s do this!

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