What is your SuperPower? What is the thing inside that helps you walk or run outside when it is raining? What is the thing inside you that helps you choose a glass of water as a beverage? What is the thing inside you that helps you speak when you are afraid?

This amazing thing inside you is your SuperPower!

How do you remember to use your SuperPowers every day? Here some ideas:

  1. Have a plan and schedule it in your calendar. Schedule your workouts like an appointment. Most people wouldn’t think of missing a doctor or hair appointment, but they wouldn’t worry about missing their scheduled workout. The workout is much more important for a healthier and more beautiful life!
  2. Don’t think – Have a link. I’m all about being present in your life, but there are some health habits that if we think about them, we’ll never do them. So, if you can get all of your workout gear out or pack your gym bag the evening before, and/or set your alarm a little earlier, you will not have to think when you get up for your workout. Some other links are turning on your coffee maker and automatically getting down on the floor and doing your 3-Minute Core Workout and/or putting on your workout clothes on before leaving work and then stopping at the gym or trail and doing your workout before you reach home.
  3. Have a daily reminder. This can be a notification that pops up on your phone each day reminding you to eat at least 3 fruits and 4 vegetables each day or a visual cue to remind you of your strength to do your workout, eat healthy, or to do anything you want in your life. Photos of your family, pets, and/or heroes could be a reminder.

Also, mantras, mission statements, and photos of you living the life you love are all excellent reminders of your SuperPower. This week, go out there and use your SuperPower!

P.S. One SuperPower is saying “NO” to things that don’t make your heart sing.

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