Runners, Carol Frazey and I (Hi! Cami Ostman here) are delirious with excitement about the release of our book, 26.2 Life Lessons: Helping You Keep Pace with the Marathon of Life. But EVEN more exciting than the book is what we’re doing AS we launch it into the world. Read on!

We have ALL been pummeled the last couple of years with the pandemic, political unrest, national tragedies, and (for some of us, myself included) really deep personal losses. For many people we know, the past two years have also been a time of weight gain, increased alcohol intake, and depression.

NO JUDGMENT HERE!!! Being stuck inside during such uncertain times has meant a loss of all of our usual anchors and coping mechanisms.

Well, as Carol and I launch 26.2 Life Lessons, we’ve decided to join forces with our publisher, Lisa Dailey from Sidekick Press, to issue a challenge to all of us to Seize the Day!! Life is too short and, yes, too uncertain to eschew adventure and joy. 

Join us for our big announcement on GROUNDHOG DAY (yeah, it’s kind of corny, but we have been caught in an unfortunate loop, haven’t we?), February 2 at 9am PACIFIC TIME on our Run Goddess Run Facebook Page:

If you want a sneak peak of the 2022 Seize the Day Running Reset Adventure, here it is:

Reset your energy, your fitness, and your life. Here’s how the adventure works:

  1. You choose a race of any length you’d like to do in June, July, or August (virtual races are welcome to support you in navigating concerns about covid). Check out this page to help you find a race of a distance that is NOT MORE THAN YOU CAN REASONABLE TRAIN FOR BUT JUST A LITTLE HARDER THAN YOU THINK YOU CAN DO.
  2. You’ll join us on a private Facebook group for weekly videos with training tipsdietary suggestions, and support and accountability.
  3. You’ll watch the struggles and victories of training as Carol trains two runners (moi, Cami Ostman, and our publisher, Lisa Dailey of Sidekick Press) live. I will be training for a LONG run (53K) and Lisa will be training for her first 10K EVER!! You’ll get advice and support right along with us.
  4. You’ll receive a training plan for the race you’re training for (distance and length of time you have to train).
  5. You’ll receive a copy of our book: 26.2 Life Lessons: Helping You Keep Pace with the Marathon of LifeCami and Carol’s book offers encouragement and coaching for your running.
  6. You’ll receive a video where you learn the FOUR PILLARS for successful completion.
  7. And you’ll get Four LIVE group coaching calls (where you can meet the others on the journey with you AND ask your questions) as well as a post-adventure celebration call.

Please come for the fun on GROUNDHOG DAY. We are ready to help you recapture fun, fitness, and community. 9:00am PACIFIC TIME right here:


Cheers, Cami (in cahoots with Carol and Lisa, of course)

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