Goal: This week, sit down for 20 minutes and plan out the next month. Plan to make healthy food, exercise, and time choices over the holidays.

The average adult gains weight over the holidays. With all of the excitement and stress of the holidays, family gatherings, and parties, people are likely to eat more and train less. How can you prevent this from happening to you? Here are some tips to help lessen the stress, save your waistline, and keep you training through the holidays.

  1. Write down the days and times that you will exercise. Keep this commitment like you would an important appointment.
  2. From today until the end of 2017, find a time to do the 3-Minute Core Workout https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhGJN-hIS70 each day. (1- minute plank, 1-minute crunches, 1-minute push-ups)
  3. Plan for, shop for, and eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  4. Eat healthy portion sizes by using smaller plates and bowls at meals.
  5. Eat only fruits and vegetables as snacks before dinner and before attending holiday parties.

Remember to have fun and enjoy!

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