The year 2020 has been really bizarre so far, right? Obviously, we as a collective are in the midst of some crazy shit… and some important challenges. And to a person, everyone I know is facing hard things individually—myself included. 

Early on in the quarantine, I wasn’t managing well inside the isolation and with the changes in my work schedule, but one of the results of being home all the time (seeing clients on zoom, managing both my businesses from inside my house), is that I have a little extra time retrieved from my hours commuting. This has meant some extra space for increasing my miles running.

Inspired by my friend Rose Coates (@thepnwketoishgirl on Instagram), I’ve decided to give myself the challenge of running 10 miles every day for 10 consecutive days. Rose did this back in May, and I watched her posts with a lot of admiration and a little bit of jealousy (until I realized, “Hey, Cami, you could do that too!”). Like all of my runner friends, I’ve missed going to races this year as we’ve all been socially distancing, trying our best to be responsible with our own health and the health of others. Rose’s challenge got me thinking that, although we can’t be together racing this year, we CAN still challenge and support one another.  In fact, this year more than any other year, we need each other.

My goal is to run 10 miles each day for 10 consecutive days. I’ve sketched out time slots on my calendar and invited a couple of people to join me when they can.  And yesterday I started my 10 for 10 personal challenge. I ran with my Sunday running buddy, Duane, and we got a little lost, ending up doing eleven—so off to a good start.

What do you think, friends? Is there a 10-day physical challenge you’d like to give yourself? Ten days of no drinking? Ten days of walking 2 miles per day? Ten days of doing sit-ups? Anything? 

We need focus, we need a way to release the trauma of this time. We need to push through our fear to find our strength. 

Let’s do this, pals. 

Day 2

So today is day 2 of my “10 miles for 10 days” challenge. I felt good on my run, but I could feel the tiniest bit of fatigue in my legs during the warm-up miles from running eleven yesterday (and 5 miles on Saturday, getting me to 26 miles in about 42 hours–the distance of a marathon stretched out over 3 days). Tonight I’m sitting here sipping on a glass of red wine asking myself if a second glass will make me sluggish tomorrow.

What did you decide friends? Are you ready to challenge yourself to do something good for your body? What is your challenge? When will you start? How will you keep yourself accountable?

Let’s take heart in 2020 and be deeply committed to our own well-being.

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